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My journey with watercolor art


Artist Biography

Nitin singh is an emerging indian watercolor artist, he firmly believes pleasurable art is interpretive and it should offer great amount of energy & pleasure to it’s audience.



We experience what’s around us; we see, consume and respond. We develop a pattern of experiencing as we we pass through life .These patterns and my cognizance of them influence my art expression at various emotional levels. In my art, I try to capture the essence of experiences and rediscover values.  An agile medium “watercolor” is just right for all that I want to express.



About Nitin Singh

A watercolor expression, desire and values. #watercolorartists #watercolorartist #indianartist

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Indian watercolour artists

watercolour artist Nitin Singh

Nitin Singh was born and grew up in small town of Jharkhand State (Sahibganj) india in 1981.He pursue his fine art study at Patna Art’s & Craft college. In his watercolor paintings, he has been trying to paint various places of Indian cities and other prominent landmarks. While painting he interpret his work with his own way to look at the subject, he strongly believes that being a watercolor artist one should have substantial vision and passion to express values through paintings.

Nitin’s artwork has been displayed major cities in India/abroad and has many private collection across globe.




watercolour art

  • National exhibition of art group show, Karnataka Lalit Kala Akademi, Bangalore 2017.   
  • Solo art exhibition at Lalit kala Akademi, New Delhi 2017
  • Group show art exhibition at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2016.
  • International watercolor society (Stephanie palace, Budapest) Hungary, 2016.
  • International watercolor society (International art gallery, Vancouver) Canada, 2016.
  • International watercolor society, IRAN, online exhibition 2016.
  • Artville art exhibition (Bangalore) 2016.
  • “Chitra Santé” at karnataka chitrakala parishath (Bangalore) 2016.
  • Painting exhibition at Rangoli art center (Bangalore) 2015.
  • Design summit workshop at “Campbell” (California,USA) 2014.
  • Group show painting exhibition at Nagercoil (Kanyakumari) 2000.
  • Group show painting exhibition at Rajgir (Bihar) 2000.
  • Rang vikalp group show exhibition at “College of arts & craft (Patna) 1999.
  • Annual group show exhibition at “College of arts & craft, Patna” 1999,2000,2001.

Group Show (National Exhibition)

Karnataka Lalithakala Acadamy, Bangalore 2017

Solo Exhibition

National Academy of Art, New Delhi 2017

Group Show

International watercolor society, Canada 2016fine art gallery

Group Show

International watercolor society, Hungary 2016

Workshops and Demonstrations

watercolor lessons

Watercolor lessons from indian watercolor artist-Nitin Singh

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