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The fluidity of art expression

As a watercolor artist, mood or emotions mostly drives me to pick certain colors, subject and discovering storytelling experience in my watercolor artwork. The agility of water maximize my curiosity as i progress with artwork, i feel with joy when i see various emotion joining together to form a substantial watercolor masterpiece.

Water painting is more desirable when artist skillfully drives fluid color all over the paper, water and color both began listening artist brush direction and forms beautiful shape of art, it’s all about how well artist, colors and paper connected each other, they listen and care individual desire. Harmonizing every single entities in watercolor painting process is significant – here the entities are WATER – COLOR – PAPER – BRUSH – ARTIST, this seems very obvious, but when we look at these entities as individual they open broader accountability. Watercolor artwork is not just a piece of art, it’s a phenomenal collaboration with every single entities working together. Negotiating fluidity in watercolor art is prominent skill which every single watercolor artist would love to master, many of them fails, whereas some of the artist get succeed to establish desirable connection between all entities. i think, this is all about acceptance and desirability.


A pleasurable watercolor art always demonstrates the artist desire and his rejoicing moment,  for watercolor artist that moment become incomparable to him.

water painting

water color painting, rickshaw puller | 22 x 15 inch | water painting on paper



watercolor art

one among my best watercolors painting | 22 x 15 inch | watercolor artwork on paper


Delightful watercolor art journey and expression

My watercolor art journey being maturing over the couple of decade now, over these years i tried to establish strong connection with this amazing medium. Several time I have been using this specific word “Connection“, what are those? Why it is so important in order to paint watercolor art? How does it helping me constantly moving ahead with water color art journey? There might be several other question floating around you. I had similar question few year back when i was struggling with how to paint watercolor, why my watercolor artwork not improving even after making several watercolor paintings?. Every thing was in place but my water painting was not holding any values and desired expression, i started listening my seniors, asking for feedback, going back & forth for inspiration ext. and eventually non of these helped, neither i found any substantial reliable source. Actually, my motivation level for water paint art gone dramatically down hearing really bad feedback from many people.

Visiting Varanasi was one of my life changing experiences which illuminated me with every possible answer, those experiences not only helped me to establish my watercolor painting career but also taught me being firm with what you love to do. The word “CONNECTION” came during Varanasi watercolor drawing project, i had to finish good amount of watercolor painting project of varanasi ghats, temples, boats, river Ganges, people and every possible subject i could work upon. During my watercolor project in Varanasi i have seen the “truth of life” the purpose of being human, our existence. I have seen people doing last rituals of dead human body, the wood logs and burning body, there was no end. I have seen hundreds of SADHUS (Saints) left behind every thing and devoted themselves practicing spirituality, for them it was infinite source of internal peace and happiness. I came across several devotes who has tremendous fait and belief of supreme power of Goddess Ganga. One thing was common among all devote was they want to get connected to supreme with there own strength and capacity. Those sense of connection was my real finding from this place, I begin to understand the fluidity of watercolor and my maximum desire getting connected with it’s purity and agility, my watercolor art started sensing how much water should be in the brush, how to navigate this pure flawless colorful fluid all over the paper. I understood water painting skill alone not responsible to make great watercolor artwork, but also how deeply you harmonizing your central subconscious mind with water & colors. I saw my watercolor paintings started listening my desired art expression, i felt every drop of color trying to communicate with me, it all happen when i started connecting my individuality with water.


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One of my awarded watercolor painting, The gleaming street | 30 x 22 inch | watercolor artwork on paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 750  |  Send your cost  |


watercolor painting

A narrow path way in Varanasi, water paint art | 30 x 18 inch | water painting on paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 560  |  Send your cost  |


best watercolor paints

one among my best watercolor paints, waiting | 30 x 18 inch | watercolor on paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 540  |  Send your cost  |


Audience love toward watercolor artwork expression

Watercolor art has potentially become more pleasurable medium among art collectors and art buyers, in today’s contemporary art, many fine art gallery represents some of the best watercolor paints from famous watercolor artists across globe. Several contemporary offline or online art gallery see towering growth in potential watercolor art buyers and critics. This is wonderful opportunity for any watercolor artist to bring his or her creative expression to larger audience globally. Many contemporary artist adopting this magnificent watercolor art medium either visualizing concept sketch or using watercolor as additional media. Whatever could be the reason, but the reality is in todays contemporary art world watercolor has found it’s glory among artist.

I am feeling very fortunate that i could interact with many watercolor art lovers, i can express my creative freedom through this watercolor blog channel. Welcome to my online art gallery of watercolor art, an online art space for my watercolor art expression. Expressing the moments with creative form is something i really enjoy, and i am really glad that this fluid medium has substantially helping me to rediscover my desire to paint more & more watercolor paintings. For any watercolor artist the most prime moment is when artist sees his or her expression trying to communicate with it’s creator, i think it’s beautiful feeling one can ever get.


water color art

online art gallery of water color painting, rickshaw puller | 22 x 15 inch |




Water paint art of indian street market which establish a magnetic energy to it’s viewers. being an indian watercolour artist i always find eminence energy and inspiration working on such subject | 22 x 15 inch | water color art on paper



watercolor paintings for sale

Destiny, water paint art | 22 x 13 inch | on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 450  |  Send your cost  |


fine art gallery

fine art paintings, varanasi ghats | 22 x 15 inch | watercolor on paper



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