watercolor for beginners – painting techniques

Easy watercolor painting tips & techniques


Watercolor painting for beginners

Easy watercolor painting tips & techniques

Making watercolor painting is one of the best medium to tell your story, express your imagination and fill your creative joy. Every individual has there own way to communicate his/her ideas, desire and self expression through various medium, we are all artist, some discover them & some din’t try it. This is my tiny attempt to untapped your hidden desire to learn watercolor art, if you believe in your supreme desire to learn watercolor painting, then please accept my heartily welcome to this watercolor painting tutorial vlog. Please browse through my all watercolor painting techniques and tips to learn how to paint with watercolors, here you get exceptionally hight quality watercolor basics learning content, best watercolor techniques and watercolor for beginners learning resource videos.

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watercolor painting tutorial


Painting with watercolors – Plein Air

Plein air watercolor demonstration & technique

Nothing more fun then doing outdoor painting, this quick watercolour tutorial will give you a glance how to watercolor paint outside of your home. Working plein air gives you greater control on your subject and real time environment, watch this watercolor painting video to learn watercolor painting techniques and plan for your next plein air. I hope this watercolor painting for beginners would help you to make great watercolor art. For more upcoming videos, water painting and updates please stay connected with me on my YouTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Painting watercolor – Plein Air

Indian watercolor artist painting tutorials

watercolor lessons by Indian watercolor artists Nitin Singh. An emerging indian watercolor artist, he firmly believes pleasurable art is interpretive and it should offer great amount of energy & pleasure to it’s audience. This outdoor watercolor techniques explains how Nitin approach certain subject and how he evolves his expression through watercolor art. A great inspiration for beginner watercolor student and his YouTube channel always helping watercolor for beginners.



Indian watercolor artist Nitin Singh

Watercolor painting ideas from master

My name is Nitin Singh and i have a great love & passion toward watercolor art. Since my childhood I had one strong desire to become a watercolor artist. My desire turned into passion and it started giving me infinite joy, and self-satisfaction with each of my art expression.

Today all of my watercolor art expression driven by passion, and I am continuing doing what I dream to be. There is far way to go, every painting I complete it gives me reason to celebrate.

I firmly believe that art is interpretive, and it should offer great amount of energy & pleasure to it’s audience. My water painting artwork always demonstrates my creative desire to live-in that particular moment, that instant become incomparable and fills me great amount of joy and excitement.



How to watercolor

Watercolor techniques step by step wash process

Watercolor techniques of step by step watercolor wash process, I hope this video would further help watercolor for beginners to understand layering system of watercolor art. I have created various water colour painting demonstration in my youtube channel to help how to paint watercolor. I look forward for your comment and suggestion.

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how to paint watercolor – Tips & techniques

Loose watercolor techniques demonstration

I am excited to share this video with you which may help you how to paint with watercolors. Those of you who really look forward to master this medium, i would suggest you to please subscribe my YouTube channel for some of the amazing watercolor basics and easy watercolor painting for beginners. I hope this watercolor wash techniques brings lot of learning to you and my best wishes to this watercolor beginner tutorial.

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Watercolor painting techniques to master this medium

Water painting tips and technique

In this watercolor techniques demonstration should help you to understand watercolor wash process more briefly, i am hoping that many aspirant watercolor learner should get benefited from this watercolor demo and enhance there skill how to painting with watercolors.

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