How i become watercolor artist

A journey with watercolor art


How i become watercolor artist

Many art collectors and buyers being fascinated to see my watercolor art expression, we further involved discussing artist creative approach, and various source of inspiration of watercolor artwork.

How a watercolor artist process their creative thoughts to transfer those inspiration into paper. It’s all about how deeply an artist can think and connects with his or her creative freedom.

Being a watercolor artist, I have been working over various subject of expression, where freedom of exploring limitless with watercolor art, some of watercolor painting techniques enabling me to go beyond of imagination, and paint watercolor art which is completely driven by mood and individuality. In today’s contemporary art, water paint art has been explored by many famous watercolor artists who has successfully bought his or her expression on paper, and these artwork received well by many fine art gallery / online art gallery and art buyers/art collectors. Since back 1998, my desire being able to paint water color painting invoke my creative behavior to connect with water paint art and dive into my own perspective to look at the world. I started creating my little world with watercolor where my emotions floating around with various subjects, watercolor desire turned into passion and year later the PASSION turned into my full time profession. Is’t it so simple to write this word here “PASSION”? hold on, it was not easy to make this decision being passionate about watercolor art, especially when art was not advisable profession comparing to other high paid jobs in india. Well, it was all different story how i convince my parents about my love of being watercolor artist, but even before wining this war i wanted to make sure that do i really love and care watercolor paintings. Does it really makes me happy? Is this just a few days excitement? so and so forth. I need to find an answer of every possible question came in my mind, i need a extensive introspection and reconfirming my desire to be a watercolor artist.

watercolor paintings for sale

As a watercolor artist, my creative desire to discover self expression with watercolor art always invoke me to look around and get inspired. In this watercolor fine art painting, i tried to look at the city beyond of focal point, It’s been fascinating to see this watercolor cityscape painting emerging from various tonal values. This original water color painting available for sale and can be delivered worldwide | 30 x 20 inch | watercolor painting on acid free paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 540  |  Send your cost  |

fine art gallery

watercolor art fine art gallery, waiting | 30 x 18 inch | on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 540  |  Send your cost  |

Confirming my desire being a watercolor artist

There is nothing better doing what you love and care about, but how would you reassure your passion? When i decided to be watercolor artist it was not a sudden move, my love toward watercolor drawings and paintings has been maturing from the age of 7. As time passed, along with my academic education my interest in drawings and painting equally grown, later i reached in a situation where i have to take either one path to move along in my career and that was not easy decision. When you passionate about some thing, you really don’t care what it may come going ahead, you’re determination makes you strong enough to take any challenge. You might fail but your passion will allow you to learn and move forward. I knew that watercolor art is something i am really passionate about and wanted to accepted this as my professional career choice, but there was some bit of confusion all around which has made it difficult to arrive at firm decision. I think, the biggest mistake i did was i went to multiple people asking for his/her opinion on my decision being watercolour artist. Many views and opinion put me in a situation where it was impossible to see art as career choice, and thereafter i decided not to look for any advice with a person who is not subject matter expert, their opinion did not helped me but left me with some confusion.

watercolor paintings for sale

Water paint art, White Bird | 30 x 20 inch | on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 560  |  Send your cost  |

art for sale online

Watercolour art paint online, Gleaming Street, Awarded in National Art Exhibition 2017, Karnataka, India | 30 x 22 | watercolor paper

This Painting has been stolen through cyber phishing, please inform if you find any information of above painting.

How i found water painting as my destiny

After many confusion and setback which i received from many advisor, i felt no body can give you any advice but it’s YOU, YOURSELF. I don’t know how i got this wisdom, i said to myself – This is my life, i am the responsible for my being, i don’t care if i fail or someone does’t like what i am doing. I asked to my self – DO YOU LOVE WATERCOLOR PAINTINGS? and, instantly i got my answer. I was just wondering why i din’t listening to myself from the beginning, why i was relying upon someone else opinion on art career. I never thought this could be so simple, just right after my internal wisdom accepted watercolor art as career, i was becoming more discipline and responsible. I was enjoying water paint art never before, that day i understood no matter how difficult any decision are, it become so easy when you start connecting yourself and measuring your empathy and desire.

paintings for sale

watercolour art, A day in the City | 22 x 15 inch | on paper


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Nitin Singh original art for sale, Green Allure | 22 x 15 inch | on watercolor paper


The blissful journey with watercolor art

Since i have began watercoloring a decade ago, the watercolor artwork has always given me bundle of joy after every painting i complete. It’s a infinite joyful cuddling which can not be expressed, or may be i am not capable to reflect that joy through few words. When i look back to my decision taking watercolor painting as my career path, i still feel that i did justice to my ability and desire.

My journey with water painting has given me an ability to express my emotion on various subject, as artist perspective painting those expression is always a remarkable experience. I have been fortunate to paint my very own world where an artist establish a perfect channel of communication with every shape, colors and emotion. A watercolor artwork too invites me to get into the world which never exist before, i feel the warmth and compassion which is priceless!

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online art gallery of best watercolors paintings by Nitin Singh, Indian Street | 22 x 15 inch

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water paint art

Water painting of south india temple after the rain | 22 x 15 inch | on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 560

art for sale online

A progressive day, watercolour art for sale online | 30 x 22 inch

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watercolor paintings

City of joy, watercolor paintings for sale | 30 x 18 inch

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paint online

Local shopping, watercolour art paint online | 30 x 18 inch | on watercolor paper

AVAILABLE  |  $ 460  |  Send your cost  |

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