Amazing watercolor tutorial for beginners

watercolor tips and techniques


Learning watercolor is fun, unfortunately lot many watercolor beginners struggling to get it right even after working several months in this medium.

The most common reason I see in almost every beginner is, they fail to free themselves while learning watercolor. Learning watercolor is all about being agile and making this process joyful, we must understand that when you do watercolor painting you are dealing with extreme fluid which has about 90 percent water in it, you may not get proper control over this water instantly. I look at this as an opportunity to understand and observe this extreme fluid medium, every student must learn & understand these watercolor techniques how to control its fluidity.

There are several resources of watercolor painting for beginners tutorials available, I see many beginners straight away jump into learning those watercolor techniques and try to replicate them, I would rather suggest sticking around watercolor basics first, but even before that your temperament has to accept this medium more positively. You must create your own realm being in love with watercolor, develop a burning passion within you to be successful watercolor artist. I am talking Love and Passion – this two word is enough to reach your goal in any format. Below I am sharing few of my very basic watercolor painting tutorial, which should help you to learn this awesome medium more meaningful way.



How to paint simple two dimensional waterpaint art

Working with two-dimensional watercolor painting is super cool and easy process. In this beginner watercolor exercise tutorial, you will understand step by step watercolor process of how to paint two-dimensional object, along with right understanding of source of light and shadow. I believe many watercolor beginners may get some idea to improve there watercolor skill



Beginner Watercolor Exercise – Live Demonstration

This watercolor tutorial will give you more energy, tips and motivation to move further with how to paint with watercolor.



Beginner Watercolor tips and technique to get familiar with layering process

Beginners watercolor tutorial of how to work with watercolor layering, this watercolor tips and technique demo video, would help many watercolor beginners to understand three layer process of painting. I strongly believe, these basics watercolor techniques are extremely important in order to get expertise in it.


Beginner Watercolor Lesson to Improve your Painting and confidence, tips and techniques

Painting with confidence is the only key to learn watercolor, this video would provide you best watercolor tips and techniques, enabling you to establish confidence. Learning watercolor is not just a routine practice but it also require good learning strategy, desirability and having fun with watercolor paintings.





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